Hajnalka Illés ❪born in 1987❫ is a graphic designer based in Budapest, Hungary. She is specialized in editorial design, typography and visual identity. She graduated from Graphic Design ❪MA❫ at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. Nowadays she works - with other creatives - as a freelance graphic designer in a studio based in Budapest. She has 4 years work experience in print media. Her design approach is deliberate, based on logic, thorough, and content-driven. She approaches graphic design as a field of visual research and formal experiments. She is committed to print and offline media.​


2005 - 2009

University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Arts - Visual Communication, BA

Year of graduation: 2009


2014 - 2016

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design - Graphic Design, MA

Year of graduation: 2016 

Selected Exhibitions

Dokumentum. Másolat. Hamisítvány

FUGA, Budapest, 18.06.2015


mo_st, moholy-nagy typophoto exhibition

PONTON Galéria, Budapest, 25.09.2015


Hungarian Design Award 2014 Exhibition

Budapest, 09.2015


MOME Diploma 2016

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Budapest, 06.2016

XXth National Graphic Design Biennial 

Békéscsaba, 11.2016

Graduation Project Exhibition

Zamek Cieszyn, Poland 03.2017

Hungarian Design Award 2017 Exhibition

Budapest, 10.2017

Poster After the Poster 130 

Budapest, 29.11.2017 

balkacreative – Mint hal a vízben

Online Exhibition, 08.10.2020

Moholy 125 – Graphifest 2020

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest,  16-30.10.2020



1st place

PPKE-ITK, Budapest, 29.05.2015

XX. Biennial of Graphic Design 2016

prize awarded by the ‘Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma'

Group Award, Békéscsaba, 10.2016



balkacreative – Mint hal a vízben

Online Exhibition, 08.10.2020

Moholy 125 - Exhibition Catalogue 

The experience of space

Budapest, 10.2020 (p41)

Hungarian Design Award Catalogue 2017

Budapest, 10. 2017 ❨p77❩

Women of Graphic Design

Hajnalka Illés, Graduation Project 07.2017

Graduation Projects Official Site


Graduation Projects Exhibition Catalogue

Cieszyn, Poland 03.2017


XXth National Graphic Design Biennial Catalog

Békéscsaba, 11.2016


Illés Hajnalka: Az írott kép



Poster After the Poster 130


10.2016 ❨p122❩ 


Infinite Icon

Sandu Publishing, 2016

Meteor Magazin

Issue 479 / 25.01.2016 


Design & Paper

Uraniae Observatory branding concept by Hajnalka Illés



Egyetemi projekt miatt kelt életre az Uraniae Csillagda 




Uraniae - Observatory of Gellért Hill, 09.07.2015


Hungarian Design Award Catalogue 2015

Budapest, 10. 2015 ❨p86-87❩


Hungarian Design Yearbook 2015

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest



Budapest, Dóra Balla, 01.06.2015

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